Spider Man 2 or £50 Cash Alternative

£1.29 Per Ticket

Winner is: Ben W

Ticket number: 31 Answer: USA

About This Competition

Compelling narrative, expansive open-world design of New York City, and seamless web-swinging mechanics. The game introduces a dynamic combat system, combining acrobatics and gadget use. Meticulous attention to detail, stunning graphics, and iconic villains enhance the overall immersive experience. With customizable upgrades and post-launch support, the game received widespread praise for its cinematic quality and positive reception from both Spider-Man fans and the gaming community, solidifying its status as a standout title in the superhero genre.

No live stream on this one, our website algorithm will randomly choose a winner as soon as the competition ends! the winner will be instantly displayed on our website and announced on our social media platforms1

Super low odds and entry fee!

Cash alternative available as always!