Ring Doorbell or Cash Alternative

£1.29 Per Ticket

Winner is: fabos.adrienn

Ticket number: 58 Answer: Top Gear

About This Competition

A Ring doorbell is a valuable addition to home security, offering real-time monitoring through its built-in camera and motion sensors. With remote access via a mobile app, homeowners can check on their property, receive alerts, and deter potential threats. The device’s two-way communication facilitates interaction with visitors from anywhere. Its integration with smart home systems enhances overall security, and the affordability and easy installation make it accessible to a broad range of users. The Ring doorbell’s role in preventing package theft, maintaining visitor history, and fostering community safety features contribute to its reputation as an effective and convenient home security solution.

No live stream on this one, our website algorithm will randomly choose a winner as soon as the competition ends! the winner will be instantly displayed on our website and announced on our social media platforms1

Only 70 Entries providing super low odds

paired with a low entry fee