Omega x Swatch Mission to the Moon or £200 Cash Alternative

£0.99 Per Ticket

Winner is: mattma88

Ticket number: 288 Answer: Neil Armstrong

About This Competition

The moon landing of 1969 stands as a pinnacle of human achievement, symbolizing boundless exploration and scientific progress. It marked the culmination of intense efforts and ignited a global wave of inspiration. The Apollo 11 mission, with Neil Armstrong’s iconic words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” encapsulated the triumph of human ingenuity and determination. Beyond scientific endeavors, it fostered unity amidst political tensions of the Cold War era, showcasing the power of collaboration. The moon landing reshaped perspectives, expanding horizons of possibility and fueling dreams of venturing further into the cosmos, imprinting humanity’s indelible mark on the universe.

Your chance to own the watch that signifies the pinnacle of human achievement for just £0.99!

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